Cool vintage wallpapers

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I 've made four sweet vintage desktop wallpapers today just for you! Hope you like them. Feel free to download & enjoy :)

  vintage letter
  vintage heart


War against cables

If you can't defeat them, use them as decoration!
Do you have a lots of latest technology devices in your house? Then you know that there is also one big disadvantage that comes along with all that techie stuff - cables.
Because wireless transmission of electricity is not yet commercialized, we are destined to stumble and hide the ugly mass of cables behind furniture. Can we do better?
PA Design came up with this decorative cable holders.They allow you to create an idyllic garden scene on the wall. Set consists of twelve green plastic leafs and a red bird, and it will look good in a child or living room, with modern or classic setting. Nice, but if you're like me, you'll need at least 13 sets.

The other interesting solution I stumbled upon was the idea that Maisie Maud Broadhead came up with. Instead of hiding cables behind furniture, use them to make interesting drawings on the wall. All you need are the plastic U-shaped holders you will find in any store with this kind of house equipment.
Measure the cable, draw your design on the wall, and then secure the cable with holders. The cost of this project is very small, and the results will be particularly interesting on the painted walls.


So chic, so shabby and so sweet

Friday, February 26, 2010

Her name is Jasna Janekovic. She is a Croatian designer living in Germany. Although graphic designer by profession, Jasna has turned her passion for interior deorating and space conception into a professional vocation. My apartment has only 33 square meters, but people are always shocked because they say it seems much larger. Probably because all rooms are well arranged. I have a small hallway, small bathroom, a spacious kitchen and a room where I sleep and work.
I love old buildings, especially the magic atmosphere that is spread around the old things. Almost all the furniture was purchased at flea markets or in antique shops. Jasna admits that he doesn't not like new things because they are often to cold and boring.
Home should reflect the spirit of an individual who resides in it. In short, you need to see who lives there and what he or she does. I like to sew, I sew everything that can be made from cloth, except clothes. My favorites are purses and pillows, and things for babies and children, we make key rings, brooches, pendants for gifts of paper, small paper cards, picture frames
I like to play with colors and patterns, and believe that their combination can significantly affect a person's mood - Jasna explains.
 I love colors, especially pink because it is cute and cheerful. I think I've found the right measure when it comes to using a lot of colors. Moderate playfulness. Ideas are what makes a flat special and different from others. Sometimes I'm into changes. For example, when you want a different atmosphere in the kitchen, just change the tablecloth and linens in the bedroom. These are small procedures that can significantly refresh living space.Go ahead, visit Jasna's Flicker Photostream or her shop, I promise you'll be fascinated by this gorgeous little cozy nest. I definitely was.


Little winter garden

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interior gardens are an excellent way of injecting a bit of warmth to your apartment, especially in these cold winter days. You can grow a variety of spices, from orchids, to cacti - look at my suggestions, perhaps they inspire you.