Arrange all those pictures

Friday, July 31, 2009

You have collected a beautiful collection of artwork, posters or photos and you have a free wall in the room. Now what? How to arrange your collection to look harmonious and beautiful? Except choosing the appropriate frames, there are certain rules that the images must concur on the wall, and to be in accordance with the furniture and the rest of the space.
Follow these few examples - here are some golden rules for putting up picture frames on the wall as a collection.

How to create a certain rhythm on your wall? Simply arrange picture frames in one line, which can be straight or curved. It is important to create virtual motion and liveliness. Alternate the size of the frames - bigger frame, then smaller one and so on. This will produce rhythmic impression and a sense of movement. Large images are inappropriate for these kind of arrangement, unless the room is really big. Extra sparkle or extra touch of rhythm can be achieved also by putting images of photos with a motion theme.

By grouping pictures of different shapes and sizes, you have to make sure that they maintain a mutual balance in order not to get the impression that one side is "heavier" than the other. In our example, the round frame on the left side is balanced with two rectangular frames closer to the right.

Importance (hierarchy)
With this way of arranging pictures, it is important to create a kind of symmetrical form where one picture is drawing the most attention. It is not necessarily the largest one, but its emphasis in the space will acquire the feel of importance. This is the most practical way to match images of different sizes and shapes.

With this technique you can create a very dramatic and dynamic look on your wall. When you catch around the first image that imposes itself, your eyes will just continue to search for more. This is ideal if you have a big poster or photo cut into several smaller pieces.
This technique is popular with designers especially when putting various three-dimensional objects on the wall.

This arranging style is often used for exhibitions in galleries, but you can freely use it for your personal home exhibition, especially if you want to set a photos as a beautiful panoramic view. You have to pay attention to the geometry in order to obtain an impression of coherence and harmony of the exhibited pictures.

You like modern style decoration? Then use this technique of matching the pictures. It is an ideal setting for large-format pictures or posters that are presented in a very dynamic way.

Other useful tips:

  • Hanging a picture or photo too high above a piece of furniture can leave both of them feeling disconnected. Best height is 5-9 inches above the furniture.
  • "Eye level" is often defined as art center aligned at 58" from the floor. While this is a good guideline for larger pieces, it can leave smaller pieces stranded on a wall.

    It's recommended to hang a print at seated eye level, so that the seated person can enjoy the view! This includes powder rooms, home offices,breakfast bars etc.
  • Oversized furniture calls for robust art prints to strike a balance. For visual weight, consider a grouping of 2 or 3 prints that carry strong visual weight through color or a wider molding and mat combination.


Six ideas how to re-decorate your bathroom

Thursday, July 30, 2009

You don't know how to decorate your bathroom...?
Well, here are some cheap and practical tips how
to arrange your bathroom.
Bathroom is a room where we spend a lot of our time..
(You have teenagers at home? Then you know how much THEY spend time in bathroom.) Here are some ideas for the renovation of your bathroom, without spending a fortune.

1. You should paint your walls in some deep color. Deep color on the wall can make an illusion of a spacious room.

2. Get rid of excess stuff! If you can't put all the make- up and shaving creams under the sink (but who can?) buy some baskets and put it there.

3. In the bathroom, there should be a big basket for laundries. If you don't have big basket, then buy one of those that you can hang on the wall.

4. Re-decorate your bathroom can do it on several ways: by gluing tinsels on the edges, or something similar to that...let your imagination works.

5. You have chosen white cabinets for your bathroom? Probably, because, they are in the most of bathrooms. Try something new, try to paint your cabinets in black to get sophisticated look.

6. Add a few details..Hang up some interesting pictures or something, add plants, two or three candles...and that's it..enjoy!!!


Roses are red...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, I have to admit, red was never my favorite color when it comes to decorating. I've always preferred pastel tones, and if there was any stronger color to discuss, it would always be purple or pink, but almost never red.

I simply never payed enough attention to study it more deeply and implement it in the interior. Although, now I admit that this is my personal failure because red also has much to offer. Red color is recommended in residential areas, especially those who care for minimalism.

Psychologists say that red is a color of energy, high blood pressure and power. It promotes feelings of intimacy and passion. Red increases appetite, which explains why it is often found in restaurants, and why it may be a good choice for a formal dining room.

However, I also found a romantic side of red. The secret is to "destroy" the aggressiveness. For this purpose, use dots or stripes motifs in combination with white. This way, when you calm it down, red will show you it's softer and milder face.


Beautiful lamp shade

Sunday, July 26, 2009

You can make this beautiful lamp shade with almost no effort at all, in variety of sizes and colors. Yo can decorate it with pearls, sea shells ... it's up to your imagination!

Materials and accessories:

• rope
• balloon
• wood glue
• scissors
• felt pen, needle


Inflate the balloon and tie the it. On its size depends how big the shade will be.
Mark a circle with felt pen. You'll avoid that circle when wrapping the rope, because this is where you'll put the electrical wiring and a bulb.

Apply the glue all over balloon. It's a bit messy, but use your fingers for best results. Wrap the rope in all directions around the balloon, and put on more glue with every new layer.

When you are satisfied with the density, leave it to dry overnight. In the end that all should look something like this ...

Use a needle to prick the balloon and pull it out. Now is only left to pull through the installation of your new blinds and enjoy the light which will reward you for your efforts.

Tips & Tricks

• If you decide to use thinner rope, you can use a needle to apply glass pearls or shells
• Dry rope can be acrylic paint and spray paint in any color


Trendy bedroom? Yes, please!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Re-decorate your house this summer

Hot summer is already here. We bring you some really nice tips how to simply redecorate your house or flat and give it a new, summer charm.

This season, as well as the previous, brings to us modern straight lines and minimalism.

Interior designers have found inspiration in 70’s style - bright, happy colors and a lots of pink.

Wallpapers are, regardless of the motive and color, nowdays also a real hit.


Old makeup cabinet becoming a beautiful desk

Before - destroyed makeup cabinet
After - desk

Present Situation:

Mirror was destroyed, but I did not want to replace it with new one. Instead, I decided to put a memo board there. I also decided to completely throw out two large drawers.


  • Ordinary wooden handles were replaced with glass ones.
  • I placed a magnetic white board where the mirror was before.
  • Tip: instead of magnetic plates, you can have a piece of plywood and cork for your memory panel. If you prefer, you can always set up and a new mirror, as in the original version.
  • This table is painted in ice-gray color.
  • With the darker shades of the same color I painted carved details on the drawers and crown frame of the memory board.

New state:

From the damaged table for makeup I made functional and beautiful small desk. The elegant upper drawers were ok, and removal of the lower drawer provided space for the legs of the chair.


Take it easy - a life philosophy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Deb, Colin and their three children have found happiness in their home, which is anything but stereotypical. There is not an object that surrounds them which is boring and already seen. Although they did not try to follow a certain style, Deb and Colin have succeeded in what is a quiet wish of all of us: to build your style! And how does their little family oasis look like, discover from the pictures below ...
There is something special in the this house that awakens the associations of the sea. Is it the presence of white color that is bringing the light and the sense of purity or relaxed country atmosphere responsible for this exciting sensation, it is difficult to detect.

Even more surprising is the fact that their home is located in London and is surrounded by residential houses, which are arranged in a completely new, urban style.

Many friends who come to visit them sometimes jokingly say that they will bring a towel for the beach. But this happy story didn't have such an amazing start. Already mentioned couple, now proud owners of this Victorian house, in the very beginning had no luck with the purchase.

They first found out about the house from the local real estate agents. When they saw it, they realized that this was there dream house and threw in the negotiations about the purchase.

In anticipation of responses from the vendor, they took a big disappointment - the house was, unfortunately, sold to other buyers. Deb and Colin were so disappointed they decided to go to a three-week vacation in Kenya to get over this unpleasant event. But as life always has some other plans for us, on return to London they have been welcomed by e-mail that the house is vacant and ready for sale. And the enthusiasm and the euphoria were so big, that even a warning from the architect saying that this house is in really bad shape, couldn't discourage the new owners.

"We got the house we where dreaming about and just didn't care about the poor condition our new home was in, with the pipes rotting and the old roof. Our architect was just shaking his head and protesting, but there was no return: we bought a house! "Just then the real adventure began. The house was supposed to have a thorough restoration, and the owners were not in a financial situation for that kind of capital expenditures. The rest is history.....