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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh my, oh my. I'm super excited today. First guest post ever is here! Her name is Susi and she writes for Design Shuffle. They contacted me with the guest post idea and of course, I was thrilled. Be sure check this beautiful site. You'll find tons of fantastic interior decorating ideas an beautiful images. Go on, Susi :)

Hi, I'm Susi, a blogger for Design Shuffle, a great site that showcases the work of designers and design lovers from around the world. I'm excited to be here at Miss Decorate as a guest blogger. My post today features eight brightly hued chairs. Brightly hued chairs are a wonderful way to bring color into interior designs. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for letting me and Design Shuffle stop by.

Bright Chairs

This feels like a tea party for brightly hued chairs. The mismatched group looks wonderful painted in a mix of bright hues like aqua and yellow.

Bright Chairsq

Bright fuchsia is a lovely color for an accent chair or dining chair. A fuchsia chair would look great in a bedroom or a living room as a pop of color.

Bright Chairs

This colorful contemporary farmhouse style dining area is the perfect setting for brightly hued chairs. Fuchsia, yellow or aqua would all work in this room.

Bright Chairs

Bright, sunny yellow on these chairs makes them pop in a mostly neutral living room design. The bright yellow even stands out against the softer yellow of the sofa.

Bright Chairs

A chartreuse chair really makes a color statement in this predominately black and white dining room. In a black and white or neutral space, a brightly hued chair is a great way to add color.

Bright Chairs

I love the aqua chair with orange upholstery in this colorful living room. The brightly hued contrasting colors make this chair a statement piece.

Bright Chairs

Pretty aqua chairs in a white dining room have a charming coastal feel. Bright hues from coastal colors like aqua and green can give any room a seaside charm. These colors can also look great in your kitchen designs for added pop.

Bright Chairs

The color of this brightly hued chair is somewhere between fuchsia and purple, and absolutely gorgeous. The color looks fantastic paired with the grey sofa in this room filled with eclectic decorating ideas.

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Do you have any bright chairs in your home? Find inspiration for your bright ideas at Design Shuffle where you'll find our new interior design guide and connect with talented designers like Boston interior designers and more!

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Anonymous,  November 24, 2011 at 3:40 AM  

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Great collaboration
x katrina

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