The Closet of Your Dreams

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Large closet, a place for storing your clothes, shoes and accessories is definitely girl's favorite place in the apartment. If you have space, find the ideal corner and with a bit of good organization turn it into a place of your dreams.
closet designscloset designscloset designscloset designsThe main heroine of the Sex and the City movie, Carrie, wanted a large closet instead of engagement ring. Spoil yourself and do the same, but do not wait for Big, bring your dreams into the reality by yourself.
Do you also have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used? If you have an empty room in your apartment or just one free corner afford yourself a large closet.

Think about everything you want to store in your wardrobe: drawers for small things like underwear and socks, hangers for shirts and smaller ones that will keep in perfect order belts, scarves and ties and special part for shoes are just some of the ideas that will elicit a smile to your face every morning.

Closet in the kid's room
The best solution is a cabinet that will 'grow' with the children.
Arrange the drawers, shelves and hangers in a way that you can change their purpose and allow the child to reach only things he needs. Put a drawer at the bottom of the cabinet - your child will appreciate a place for storing his or her toys.
closet designs

Now that you’ve got all the hardware, it’s time to organize. First, separate your items by type: tops with tops, pants with pants, and so on. Arrange by level of coverage and within each group, arrange up from lightest to darkest color.

Finally, sit back and admire your work. Maybe take a little time to test drive your new space and play dress up. You’ve earned it.
closet designsA functional closet will save you time because you'll be able to find things much faster and every evening you'll go to sleep knowing everything is where it should be, neat and tidy.
closet designs

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