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Friday, July 24, 2009

Deb, Colin and their three children have found happiness in their home, which is anything but stereotypical. There is not an object that surrounds them which is boring and already seen. Although they did not try to follow a certain style, Deb and Colin have succeeded in what is a quiet wish of all of us: to build your style! And how does their little family oasis look like, discover from the pictures below ...
There is something special in the this house that awakens the associations of the sea. Is it the presence of white color that is bringing the light and the sense of purity or relaxed country atmosphere responsible for this exciting sensation, it is difficult to detect.

Even more surprising is the fact that their home is located in London and is surrounded by residential houses, which are arranged in a completely new, urban style.

Many friends who come to visit them sometimes jokingly say that they will bring a towel for the beach. But this happy story didn't have such an amazing start. Already mentioned couple, now proud owners of this Victorian house, in the very beginning had no luck with the purchase.

They first found out about the house from the local real estate agents. When they saw it, they realized that this was there dream house and threw in the negotiations about the purchase.

In anticipation of responses from the vendor, they took a big disappointment - the house was, unfortunately, sold to other buyers. Deb and Colin were so disappointed they decided to go to a three-week vacation in Kenya to get over this unpleasant event. But as life always has some other plans for us, on return to London they have been welcomed by e-mail that the house is vacant and ready for sale. And the enthusiasm and the euphoria were so big, that even a warning from the architect saying that this house is in really bad shape, couldn't discourage the new owners.

"We got the house we where dreaming about and just didn't care about the poor condition our new home was in, with the pipes rotting and the old roof. Our architect was just shaking his head and protesting, but there was no return: we bought a house! "Just then the real adventure began. The house was supposed to have a thorough restoration, and the owners were not in a financial situation for that kind of capital expenditures. The rest is history.....

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