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Friday, July 31, 2009

You have collected a beautiful collection of artwork, posters or photos and you have a free wall in the room. Now what? How to arrange your collection to look harmonious and beautiful? Except choosing the appropriate frames, there are certain rules that the images must concur on the wall, and to be in accordance with the furniture and the rest of the space.
Follow these few examples - here are some golden rules for putting up picture frames on the wall as a collection.

How to create a certain rhythm on your wall? Simply arrange picture frames in one line, which can be straight or curved. It is important to create virtual motion and liveliness. Alternate the size of the frames - bigger frame, then smaller one and so on. This will produce rhythmic impression and a sense of movement. Large images are inappropriate for these kind of arrangement, unless the room is really big. Extra sparkle or extra touch of rhythm can be achieved also by putting images of photos with a motion theme.

By grouping pictures of different shapes and sizes, you have to make sure that they maintain a mutual balance in order not to get the impression that one side is "heavier" than the other. In our example, the round frame on the left side is balanced with two rectangular frames closer to the right.

Importance (hierarchy)
With this way of arranging pictures, it is important to create a kind of symmetrical form where one picture is drawing the most attention. It is not necessarily the largest one, but its emphasis in the space will acquire the feel of importance. This is the most practical way to match images of different sizes and shapes.

With this technique you can create a very dramatic and dynamic look on your wall. When you catch around the first image that imposes itself, your eyes will just continue to search for more. This is ideal if you have a big poster or photo cut into several smaller pieces.
This technique is popular with designers especially when putting various three-dimensional objects on the wall.

This arranging style is often used for exhibitions in galleries, but you can freely use it for your personal home exhibition, especially if you want to set a photos as a beautiful panoramic view. You have to pay attention to the geometry in order to obtain an impression of coherence and harmony of the exhibited pictures.

You like modern style decoration? Then use this technique of matching the pictures. It is an ideal setting for large-format pictures or posters that are presented in a very dynamic way.

Other useful tips:

  • Hanging a picture or photo too high above a piece of furniture can leave both of them feeling disconnected. Best height is 5-9 inches above the furniture.
  • "Eye level" is often defined as art center aligned at 58" from the floor. While this is a good guideline for larger pieces, it can leave smaller pieces stranded on a wall.

    It's recommended to hang a print at seated eye level, so that the seated person can enjoy the view! This includes powder rooms, home offices,breakfast bars etc.
  • Oversized furniture calls for robust art prints to strike a balance. For visual weight, consider a grouping of 2 or 3 prints that carry strong visual weight through color or a wider molding and mat combination.

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