Old makeup cabinet becoming a beautiful desk

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Before - destroyed makeup cabinet
After - desk

Present Situation:

Mirror was destroyed, but I did not want to replace it with new one. Instead, I decided to put a memo board there. I also decided to completely throw out two large drawers.


  • Ordinary wooden handles were replaced with glass ones.
  • I placed a magnetic white board where the mirror was before.
  • Tip: instead of magnetic plates, you can have a piece of plywood and cork for your memory panel. If you prefer, you can always set up and a new mirror, as in the original version.
  • This table is painted in ice-gray color.
  • With the darker shades of the same color I painted carved details on the drawers and crown frame of the memory board.

New state:

From the damaged table for makeup I made functional and beautiful small desk. The elegant upper drawers were ok, and removal of the lower drawer provided space for the legs of the chair.

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